Great Bike Giveaway FAQ

Registration FAQs

Is the Great Bike Giveaway only for residents of Michigan?
How does someone join my team?
What is the benefit of Team Members?

Fundraising FAQs

How do I know what my goal will need to be in order to receive a bike?
What Happens if I don't reach my fundraising goal?
If an entrant were to raise more than their goal. Are the families able to pick which child the excess would go to?

Donation FAQs

Can I make a donation today?
Is Friendship Circle a non-profit organization?
Can donations be made via check?

Misc. FAQs

Is this year's Great Bike Giveaway really a giveaway?
Can specific accessories or adaptations be made/ordered with the bike to accommodate the winner. Or does the winner simply receive a stock version of the bike?
Can we select another bike that is not listed on your site Or just the bikes shown online?
How does the Drawing Work