About the Tri-Vel T250 & T350

The Tri-Vel T250 & 350 are strong and versatile tricycles. Designed to help disabled kids reach their therapeutic goals, improve their coordination and strengthen their muscles, while having fun and riding along with their friends and family -- just like any other kid.Parents tell us that the features they like most about our trikes are ease of adjustability, so they "grow with your child" and the "tow bar feature". With it the entire family can go on a ride together! They also love the standard reclining seat feature and the standard freewheel/direct drive switch.
T250 Specifications:
  • Bike Length: 58"
    Bike Width: 30"
    Bike Weight: 52 lbs
    Wheel Size: 16"
    Max Weight: 250 lbs
    Height Guidelines: 40-55"
    Inseam: minimum 16"
    Age Range: 4-10
  • Assembly required
T250 Included Accessories:
  • Rear Steer
  • Platform Pedals with straps
  • Hoop Handlebars
  • Tow Bar option
T350 Specifications:
  • Bike Length: 70"
    Bike Width: 30"
    Bike Weight: 64 lbs
    Wheel Size: 20"
    Max Weight: 250 lbs
    Height Guidelines: 55"+
    Inseam: minimum 20"
    Age Range: 11-Adult
  • Some Assembly required
T350 Included Accessories:
  • Rear Steer
  • Platform Pedals with straps
  • Hoop Handlebars
  • Tow Bar option
More Bike Details Retail Price: $3,960
Goal Amount: $3,700


About Bike-On

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